The Elmoz Fire band is one of Pittsburgh's premier dance bands. They entertain audiences with the very best in Funk, R&B, and Dance music. The band is fronted by two dynamic vocalists and backed by very talented instrumentalists. A true Dance band that covers a broad spectrum of styles that is guaranteed to move you and draw you onto the dance floor. Elmoz Fire features the vocal talents of Ray DeLisio and Dena Miller . Ray and Dena both bring an amazing vocal range, are power houses and the amazing ability to interact with the crowd. Ray and Dena add an endless variety and style to the band's overall sound with their vocal skills and amazing harmonies. The band's backbone is the powerful rhythm section, which consists of  Tim Morabito on drums. Tim will make you feel the groove of the music, while laying down the killer beat that drives the band and draws you to the dance floor. Along with the phenomenal  keyboardist Gary Honneffer. Gary adds the dynamic bass lines, keyboard effects to the bands sound. Gary also lends his vocal capabilities, singing both lead vocals and harmonies. As the grooves are laid down, the sound is taken to the next and highest level by the amazing rock-solid chops of guitarist Dennis Trivilino. Dennis also brings superb lead vocals and harmonies to the band. The combination of all these band members completes the Elmoz Fire Band lineup. Adding to the dynamic musical experience is an unsurpassed light show which will leave your guests spellbound and reliving their experience for years to come! 

Ray              Dena                Denny     Gary          Tim